About Modern Day Invite-Easy and Affordable Online Wedding Invitations

Our Vision

At ModernDayInvite.com our goal is to provide cheap and easy online wedding invitation experience possible. We know the demands placed on all who are involved in the wedding planning process. With so much to plan and do, it is no wonder that many Brides and Grooms find the stress to far outweigh their own enjoyment in the planning process. It doesn't have to be that way.

ModernDayInvite.com is designed to save you time, money and show you how to enjoy the email wedding invitation process. It is easy to create online wedding invitations. We use the latest technology to bring you the most affordable and dynamic way to invite your family, friends and loved ones to the happiest day of your life. It is all done online and sent through email. We help you simplify the wedding invitation process because we want you to enjoy planning your wedding.

How We Do It

ModernDayInvite.com has taken all of the new and useful technology and rolled it up into one website to dramatically change the invitation process. You can now create electronic personalized wedding invitations. You are going to be amazed at how much fun you can have. Online wedding invitations are so easy the Groom may even want to help!

By using our site you will be able to create your own personalized online wedding invitation. Our invitation builder will allow you to pick from multiple templates, colors and designs to personalized your perfect invitation. You won't have to pick just that one and only photo to send anymore either. You will have the option of uploading multiple pictures into your Special Event or Wedding invitation card. Also, you can choose from music available on our site to play along with your invitation or upload your own sound file.

Once your invitation is complete, we deliver it in a manner that is more immediate and exciting than traditional mail. Every guest you designate will receive an email which has a link back to your invitation at ModernDayInvite.com. This link will immediately begin playing your invitation from our site, complete with all the specific details of your wedding event, with scrolling pictures and set to the music of your choice. It will also allow your Guest to RSVP back to you. Your custome made email wedding invitation will fit your every need.

Why Choose Us

Your experience is the most important thing, but it doesn't hurt to save money in the process. When you factor in all the time, energy, printing, inserts, envelopes, stamps, etc. it is easy to see that you are going to save money by sending the invite through email. Our site was built so that you only pay for the features you want. We know everyone's wedding is unique so we created our affordable pricing to be unique to your needs.

We have been working hard to make sure that we have all the details covered for you. We have compiled as many Frequently Asked Questions as we can to help you along the way. We recommend you read through those to become more comfortable with choosing our site. We have put careful thought and planning into ModernDayInvite.com to make sure your wedding invitations go as smoothly as possible. Our staff is available to help if you have any additional questions by using the Contact Us button below.

The Way It Should Be

It is easy to see that email wedding invitations are the future, but it is hard for us to explain what a fun and positive experience you will have in using our online wedding invitations. It really is something you have to experience firsthand but let us give you hint.

Being able to build your own invitation with pictures and sound is fun. That's the way it should be. Being able to login into your personal wedding page wherever you are and add Guests to your roster with just their name and email is just easy. That's the way it should be. Sending your invitations with a click of a button definitely beats the hours spent sitting on the floor with envelopes and stamps. Having complete online access to your personal wedding page to see who has RSVP'd is a must have. Finally, you will have an overwhelming response from your Guests when your email instantly arrives to their inbox and directs them back to our site to see your invitation. Design your own email wedding invitation. Online wedding invite made easy, the only way it should be.