What is the best season for your wedding?

Unless you’ve always envisioned your perfect wedding in a particular season, you may be contemplating the pros and cons for every month. Temperatures, seasonal flowers, vacations, melting/freezing are just a few of the thoughts put into choosing. I found this great little article helping you to break down the details, all the way to the thought of allergy season!


Seasons’ Greetings

Happy Holidays! Consider using Modern Day Invite to send your Seasons’ Greetings. I have used MDI personally for Christmas cards in the past and they are nothing short of outstanding and welcomed by recipients. It always gives me such joy when I see my favorite family moments from the past year put to my favorite holiday tune, such as Pachabel Canon performed by Trans Siberian Orchestra.

Halloween Weddings

Halloween falls on a Saturday this year – perfect for those who want to combine this holiday and their wedding!  Combining a little bit of crazy fun with elegance can be expected as orange hued flowers play against white gowns.  Maybe an elegant black caked with silver linings.  Purple lights flickering from the ceiling or trees.  So many beautiful ideas!  Be sure to look at this week’s links on our Facebook page for more visuals.  Have fun!

Autumn Celebrations

The seasons are finally changing now that October has arrived (the official start of autumn in September still felt like summer here!) bringing beautiful temperatures, sights and harvesting.  Beautiful celebrations are in store as eye pleasing hues come into play.  Ideas I’ve come across this past week are nothing less than breathtaking. Think of painting pumpkins antique white and gold metallic. Decorate with Mr. and Mrs. written in black calligraphy across two of those white pumpkins. Imagine naked tan and brown tinted vines tangled through trellis or up columns.   Bouquets with a hint of orange or burgundy mingled with your favorite colors.  Twinkling lights appearing in the earlier evening hours as the natural sunset lighting gives way to evening.  Watch our Facebook page for images!

Preserving your flowers

Earlier today I was looking at many beautiful things for weddings on Pinterest and I came across a beautiful shadow box with roses preserved in it. Wow. It was something that I would purchase at a home decorative store just to put on my wall because it was so outstanding. However, this was not just a craft that someone had done, like so many things on Pinterest. This item carried deep and personal meaning to someone. It was their wedding bouquet. It wasn’t setting out to collect dust and have petals slow fall off, nor was it preserved and hiding in a closed box in the closet.
Take a look at this article that I found along with the picture of this flower shadow box how to replicate this idea (hint: you’ll need to plan ahead of your wedding since the flowers still need to be fresh when this process begins).


•Get them freeze-dried. This is more expensive, but does keep the flowers looking very close to what they looked like on your big day. Professionals spray the flowers with starch, which keeps the colors, and then the bouquet is placed in a freeze-dryer, which takes out the moisture. This process also generally takes two to three months

Wedding, Baptism and Blessing Gown Fabrics

If you haven’t already clicked on the link from our Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+ (whew, that’s a lot), check this out! http://www.realsimple.com/weddings/dress-attire/wedding-dress-fabric?xid=rs-weddingsnews-04-10-2015#
There are a few of us out there who already understand the science of fabric, but if you’re in the masses like myself, and only understand it once it’s next to your skin and in front of a mirror, this link could save you time when trying to filter down locating the perfect dress for yourself or child.
A couple of things stood out to me as I was learning important factors when considering the type of fabric for your dress. How long are you going to be wearing your gown? Comfort. How long will you be wearing your gown, or will you want that little baby wearing their special gown? Some fabrics will allow your skin to breathe easier and thus might be more comfortable from early pictures, ceremony, through the reception that evening. Other fabrics might feel stiff and uncomfortable after that long, but on the flip side… they will hold that flared out shape if you’ve chosen a ball gown. Organza… it isn’t a type of fabric; it’s type of weave.
My ignorance at understanding fabrics is probably overly apparent by this point, which is embarrassing since my mother is an amazing seamstress! However, I know that even amazing seamstresses love learning and understanding the science and novelties of fabrics. Tuck this link somewhere safe in your smartphone as it is a fun read and someday you will want to refer back to it.

Beautiful personal accessory

Look what I found recently! Sorry men, this one is for the girls… you’ll have to wait for a different post. This excerpt is focused on weddings tips, but there are tons of fun wraps for any party, season, or just whenever! I’ve used these and if you follow this consultant’s tips, these last for about ten days.

“Jamberry Nail Wraps are perfect for weddings. They can be subtle enough to not draw attention away from the bride, but they can still accent the ring and really make it shine. Along with the perfect nail decorations, you can have the perfect invitations with Modern Day Invite LLC. And don’t forget the bridesmaids.
Make sure to go to ashlyna.jamberrynails.net to shop!”

Must see websites

Make sure you check out Modern Day Invite’s “Resources” link.  There are several websites listed that have valuable resources for your upcoming wedding.  I haven’t yet had a chance to list a couple of more on our website that we find fabulous for inspiration, and I’m sure you will as well:  Style Me Pretty, Lover.ly, and Real Simple.  Be sure to also check out MDI’s own Pinterest page where you’ll also be awed by just a few of the amazing visions of weddings that we have come across.


Welcome to Modern Day Invite!  Please take a look around our site and look at our demos.  I’m sure you’ll agree that they are classy, elegant and inviting to the eye and heart.  While the main allure is wedding orientated, I have personally used the Special Event invites on many occasions for birthday parties, a Christmas card and a retirement party.  I will soon be using one for my son as a h.s. graduation announcement.  With each of my invitations, it warms my heart as I put together my favorite selection of photos and then find the perfect music tune that fits the person and occasion.  I hope you’ll have the same amazing experience both in creating and sharing your invitations!