Online Invitation Cards Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change the subject line of the email when I send out my online wedding Invitation, save the date cards, special event invites or thank you notes?

Yes. On the Optional Features page inside your account you do have the ability to edit your email subject line. We provide you with our suggested subject line greeting but you can tailor it to fit your preference before you send it out.

How will I know if my Invitation or Card has been delivered and viewed?

All invitations are delivered as soon as you hit send. If it is a bad email address or closed email account, you will get a return notice to your email address. If you don't get that bounce back then you can be assured your invitation or note email was properly delivered.

Since your Guest may not be expecting the invitation, they may accidentally delete it. It is also possible it will land in their Junk Folder if there security settings are set very high. That is why we added the "Viewed" column on your View List. You will be able to see when someone has viewed your invitation even if they haven't RSVP'd yet. If it has been a reasonable amount of time and you see that someone hasn't viewed their invitation, you can resend the invitation or even reach out to them so they know to expect it this time.

How long are my Invitations saved in my account?

If you have made a purchase, all Invitations, Cards and Notes are saved for 365 days from the date they are first sent.  After that time they will be removed, including the RSVP list.  If you would like us to keep your online wedding invitation, save the date card, special event invite, or thank you note for longer than one year, please email and we will allow you to repurchase your invitations for another year. 

If you have not yet made a purchase, we will save your draft Invitation, Card or Note for 30 days while you decide.  At that point it will be deleted but you are always welcome to come back and recreate another one on your account if you are still considering using our service.  You have a limit of 1 saved Invitation, Card or Note on your account until a purchase is made.

How many invitations can I save on my account once I have made a purchase?

You can have up to 10 total saved items between your Wedding Invitations, Special Event Invitations and Save the Date Cards.  At that point you will need to delete one before you can save another.  The Thank You Notes are unlimited so that you can personalize them if needed.

Why can’t I upload music on my Thank You Notes?

Saving an uploaded song to each Thank You Note would dramatically increase the space required on the server and therefore dramatically increase the cost of the Notes to you.  In order to allow you to personalize the Notes (if you choose to do so), we removed the music upload to keep the cost affordable.  Additionally, we recently doubled the number of song choices to help you find the right song to go with your Note.

Can I resend an Invitation?

Yes, once you have sent an invitation it will go to the “Delivered Invitation” section, but you can still have the option to click on that invitation and resend it up to the quantity you have purchased.

What if my Guests need to change their RSVP status?

Guests can go back and view the online wedding invitation or special event invite at anytime and change their RSVP status.

What if I want to add more Guests to my roster?

You can continue to add as many Guests as you like but you will only be able to keep sending up to your allotted amount of invitations.

Can I download my Invitation?

Due to copyright laws surrounding the music and photographs, you are currently not able to download your invitation. However, your invitation is available at any time by logging into our site.

Can my Guest print the invitation?

Yes, there is a print option so guests can print the invitation. The first photo downloaded will always be the photo in the print option.

Can I edit my Invitation after it has been sent out?

At anytime you can return to your invitation and make changes and save it. As soon as your changes are made, your Guests will see your new invitation even if you have already sent the email to notify your Guest. You are welcome to change the invitation as often as you want. Just remember that if you change your event details you may consider resending it to your Guests so they are aware of those changes.

Do I have to re-enter my contacts every time I want to send an Invitation?

No, once your contacts are entered they are saved and can be accessed at anytime.

Why can’t I upload music from my Itunes?

Only MP3 files are accepted on our site. Remember, you do need to own or have permission to use the music you are uploading.