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Email Wedding Invitations

Create your personalized email wedding invitation online today at Modern Day Invite! Each email Wedding Invitation is created in our online Invitation Builder and can be personalized with your wedding details. You can select an online wedding invitation style that can be customized to your wedding colors and preferences so your wedding invite is made easy. Then you can upload your photos and add music from our gallery to accompany your email invitation or upload your own music online. You also have access to optional features such as links for a map, registry, RSVP or online wedding site.

Once you have built your perfect personalized email wedding invitation, you will have access to create a roster for as many Guests as you have indicated. For each Guest you will need to know their email address for online delivery. When your Guests click on the link in the email it redirects them to Modern Day Invite and immediately begins playing your electronic wedding invitation.

While viewing your email wedding invitation your Guest will have the option to RSVP online as Yes, No or Unsure. They can come back at any time and update their RSVP status. You will have access to your Guest list showing individual responses,when they viewed the invite, and totals for your RSVPs.

Your email wedding invitation and online RSVP status will be saved on our site for 1 year after you first send your email wedding invitation.

Additionally, there will be no advertisements listed in your email wedding invitation or anywhere else on our site. Embrace the new look of personalized online wedding invitations.

Paperless wedding invitations are the new way to send wedding invitations. It is cheap, easy and fun to create and send custom email invitations. Plus, you can listen to music while you view your electronic invitation, you sure can't do that with paper invitations. Lets face it, paper invitations just get thrown in the garbage or get lost in the mail. Think about how much time, money and trees you will be saving with our email wedding invitations. Delivered to your guests in seconds. Not only is it easy to send the invitation, it is so much more convenient.